YOGUELY Community Guidelines


Welcome to Yoguely.com!

On Yoguely.com, you will find a growing community of leaders continuously learning ways to improve our lives. Our goal is to foster thoughtful and helpful conversations among all skill levels from newbs to experts in our community.

We appreciate that people have different perspectives, and that Yoguely is just one among many. By publishing our perspectives for debate, we can all advance our understandings.

Get started by becoming familiar with the guidelines for participation in comments and forums.

Comments and Forums

(i) Be a good citizen and a positive example for others. Be respectful, polite, and well-mannered. Treat others how you want to be treated. A good rule of thumb is not say write things you would not say in person or that may get you in trouble.

(ii) Read with an open mind and assume the best intentions of other comments when determining which interpretation to respond to.

(iii) Provide substantive comments. If you disagree, provide logical reasoning to your point of view and leave out scornful expressions.

(iv) Post information that is factually accurate to the best of your knowledge and cite relevant sources whenever possible. Please refrain from responding with emotion and anecdote.

(v) If you are a professional commenting on a topic related to your field of expertise, you are encouraged but not required to identify your status as a professional.

(vi) Speak frankly, humbly, and remember not to act overconfident as it is possible to be mistaken.

(vii) Practice radical openness, there is nothing more valuable than accurate criticism that can teach us something.

(viii) Stay on topic and avoid digressing off-tangent with unrelated subjects which do not contribute to the current discussion.

(ix) Whenever possible, help off-topic comments or questions by pointing them to more relevant blog posts.

(x) Before submitting a reply, take a moment to muse on ways to make your comment genuine, constructive, insightful, and innovative.

(xi) Welcome feedback as it creates an opportunity to gain a different perspective and learn from people that may know something you do not.

(xii) Foment intellectual curiosity, creativity, resourcefulness, inclusivity and community through your help and support.

(xiii) To convey emphasis, please use *asterisks* around words or phrases instead of capitalization.

(xiv) Please do not spam, post advertising, or post copyrighted material.

(xv) Do not post duplicate comments.

(xv) Avoid flamebait and abstain from introducing flamewar topics.

(xvi) Do not attack, insult, harass, or troll another user with deliberately offensive or provocative comments.

(xvii) Not Safe For Work (NSFW) material is strictly prohibited. Content must be PG-13 or below. Prohibited content includes: adult content, dangerous or derogatory, recreational drugs and drug-related content, alcohol-related content, tobacco-related content, gambling and games-related content, healthcare-related content, hacking and cracking content, content that offer compensation programs, misrepresentative or misleading content, shocking content, weapon-related content, content that enables dishonest behavior, and illegal content.

(xviii) It is okay to use throwaway accounts for sensitive information, but avoid creating new ones routinely. Like interacting in real life, users should have an identity that others can relate to. Do not create accounts to impersonate others.

(xix) The comment section serves as a platform to share information, ideas, and perspectives. You are solely responsible for your own choices and actions.

(xx) We reserve the right to remove, without notification, any comment that violates these community guidelines or our Terms and Conditions of Use, or for any other reason at our sole discretion.