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For general inquiries and feedback, you may reach me using the form below.

Or you can reach Yoguely on Twitter.

Personal Advice: If you are looking for specific advice on your situation, there might be others with similar stories in the Yoguely Community Forum. There you may find helpful responses which you can read right away. If not, try posting your own question. Many folks including me will be there answering your questions.

Notice: Due to the high volume of messages I receive, I may be unable to provide a direct response. However, I read every single message and love hearing from you.

Sometimes I read stories from readers that are worth publishing. So if you do not want your message to be shared, let us know.

Reader Case Study: If you have a interesting and unique situation and would like to be considered for a Reader Case Study then let me know in the form below. Under the How can we help you? drop down menu, select Case Study and I will be sure to read it.

Interviews and Creative Collaborations: This website aims to reach as many people as possible and help them live a healthier and fulfilling life. I welcome most invitations to work on stories for established newspapers, magazines, podcasts, and video content creators.