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Meet Yoguely

Hi, I am your host Aida Yoguely and this blog is about value investing.

We will be discussing topics from many different but important disciplines that will help you become self-reliant and more independent.

Specifically, help you become a financially independent leader with a diversified skill set.

A leader who uses their financial freedom and their intellect to solve problems for the common good.

Moreover, a leader who does so in a manner that brings value, fulfillment, and inspiration to yourself and to others.

We are going to teach you a new way of thinking through problems that involves both hemispheres of your brain, the technical left side and the creative right side.

This is necessary because specialization is no longer enough to succeed in the 21st century.

As a matter of fact, the intense focus that comes from specializing can tunnel your vision. It blinds you from your principles and values, as well as from different perspectives and even better techniques.

This is where value investing principles come in handy.

A successful value investor never puts all their eggs is one basket. Because if that one basket breaks, it would cause all their eggs to crack at the same time.

This value investing strategy to decrease your risk and increase your reward applies beyond the field of finance. It applies to where you invest your time, and where you choose to grow your skills.

Specialization makes you a dependent doer.

Specialization makes you a dependent doer.

Someone who knows everything about one narrow topic, and knows nothing about everything else.

Someone who can get things done, but doesn’t challenge whether they are worth doing.

Someone who can obey orders and keep the routine going.

When a specialized person is faced with a problem outside of their required duties, they assume that “someone else” can fix it.

An inefficient engineer specializes in solving problems at work so that they can afford to watch “someone else” solve their problems in life.

What many fail to evaluate is that, much of what is outsourced could be unnecessary and unsustainable solutions.

In this profit maximization economy, it is unlikely that contractors you hire have your best interest in mind. Rarely, if ever, will you hear them suggest a solution that doesn’t require their business.

The consumption of a good or service might tackle one isolated factor for some time, but it won’t be long before more problems arise.

And if your first thought is

“let’s keep throwing money at it until it goes away”,

then you’ve become dependent on your job to sustain this cycle. Which means that you cannot afford to loose your job. At work, you’ll need to focus all your energy into your assigned tasks to keep the paychecks coming.

This can lead to dangerous consequences such as masses of specialized people working on projects that are against their moral code. All because it makes good money.

In the current information age there are numerous streams of publications filled with knowledge, accumulating unfiltered at an exponential rate.

A specialized person is unable to connect all the knowledge together, into a big picture view.

It is up to someone, or something, to interpret content and create context.

Someone above is asking the important questions, the questions that drives actions, that moves the world. The questions that brought you in to do that work in the first place.

And the moment someone in power decides your specialized skill isn’t needed, your job vanishes. Which kicks off a domino effect of losses. Since you only had one income stream, 100% of your revenue goes to zero.

If most of your daily needs were outsourced to “someone else”, your expenses run high, which start to eat into your savings. Your net profit isn’t zero, it is in the negative.

The opposite of specialization is diversification.

Diversification means having different kinds of eggs that belong to many different baskets. So that if one basket falls, all other eggs are protected.

In value investing, this defense strategy against possible future events is called being “uncorrelated”.

By being uncorrelated, the outcome of one doesn’t affect the other. Which protects your rewards while reducing your risk substantially.

Diversification makes you an independent thinker.

Diversification makes you an independent thinker.

Someone who could know nothing about narrow topics, but knows where to find answers.

Someone who can make connections and ask questions.

Someone who can develop their own ideas, not recite someone else’s.

Someone who can formulate a new direction and set goals worth pursuing.

A diversified person does not think of each issue in isolation, they think of issues from a systems view.

An efficient engineer draws no line between work and life and makes no distinction between education and recreation.

An effective leader has a vision and pursues excellence in everything they do with no separation between their labor and leisure.

Human beings are adaptive learners and incredibly capable of handling a wide diversity of situations.

But now we have one of the biggest problems the world has ever faced specialization.

This idea has spread like a highly contagious virus. And it is being designed, packaged, and sold to as many people as possible. All while being marketed as the solution to a better life.

Students are leaving school with an engineering career, but not an engineering mindset.

Because of it, we now have technically skilled professionals who are really good at one thing, and have no interest engaging in issues outside of their occupation.

Even when they gain interest, they lack the strength and wisdom to challenge the status quo. They are in need of financial freedom to follow through with their ambitions.

There is a need for a new kind of leadership in this world.

The specialized need to diversify their skill set and cultivate independence of mind.

And the diversified, the independent thinkers, need to become financially independent to truly be an independent doer.

Our approach will get you engineering solutions in an efficient and creative fashion, both inside the workplace and in everyday life.

It will help diversify your skills and build multiple streams of income.

Once your mind is free from the world of rules and boundaries, your imagination will come alive, unleashing your untapped potential.

You will feel confident and ambitious.

You will be thinking BIG, openly, and critically.

Finally, you will be living the life you once thought was unattainable.

So tell me, do you want to…?

  1. Be debt-free, keep more of your money, and achieve financial independence.
  2. Do more in less time, work less and earn more, and become more productive.
  3. Feel unbroken tranquility, boundless joy, and improve your health.

Your objective is to shape yourself into a role model you would look up to.

Anyone can accomplish this.

At Yoguely, I present bona fide deeply-researched evidence-based data-driven ideas that lead to actionable value investing strategies.

I’ll also be experimenting with things I’ve never done before, and sharing the results along with step-by-step tutorials.

It is time to take back control of your life, question decisions, and act with a whole new mind.

Become a subscriber of this blog and of the Yoguely Channel and you will rapidly grow as a human being and a professional.

We look forward to seeing you in the next post!

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