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  • Why Helicopter Money Is Inflationary

    Helicopter Money vs Quantitative Easing: Which “Money Printer” Is Most Inflationary?

    Today you’ll learn which of the Fed’s “Money Printers” is most inflationary: Helicopter Money or Quantitative Easing.

    In this guide, you’ll see:

    How has the money supply changed over time in the USA.
    How much helicopter money has the USA distributed over the years.
    What is the value of total assets purchased by the Fed.

    Let’s get right into the data!

  • How Interest Rates Affect Inflation

    Predict with interest rates

    Ready to optimize your market timing and boost your gains?


    In this post, you’re going to see one of my favorite key economic indicators in action.

    Interest Rates

    Specifically, I’ll show you how I use interest rates to to gauge the economy and brainstorm the possibilities of where the markets might be headed.

    Let’s get started!

  • How Long Has Inflation Existed?

    Inflation in the Stone Age

    Today you’re going to learn how inflation works.

    Specifically, I’ll show you why inflation of the money supply in economies happens, and how inflation works to raise prices.

    Let’s dive right in.

  • How to Choose the Right Cleaning Disinfectants

    Yoguely shows you the best cleaning agents for frugal people.

    In today’s post I’m going to show you the best cleaning agents for frugal people.

    In fact, this is how I buy the most effective cleaning agents for the lowest-cost to get rid of microbes including coronavirus in my residence.

    So if you would like to know “How to choose household cleaners and disinfectants frugally”, you’ll love this guide.

    Let’s jump into it!

  • How to Do Your Own Taxes for FREE Online

    Yoguely teaches free file, how to do your own taxes for free and easy online.

    Today, I’m going to teach you exactly how to do your own taxes for free and easy online.

    It is the exact process I use every year to file my own taxes super easily online for no cost.

    So if you want to avoid paying to file taxes, you’ll love this guide.

    Let’s get started.