• Tap Water: Can You Drink Tap Water Without a Filter in United States?

    Aida Yoguely investigates whether tap water is safe healthy drinking water.

    Today I’m going to show you why you NEED to filter your tap water.

    This is the first part of my complete guide to healthy drinking water.

    In this series we are going to start by exploring what’s in your tap water.

    So, if you’re ready to improve your health with safe drinking water, this guide is for you.

    I’m your host Aida Yoguely. Let’s get started.

  • Meet Yoguely

    Hi, I am your host Aida Yoguely,

    and this blog is about leadership and engineering.

    We will be discussing topics from many different but important disciplines that will help you become an efficient engineer and an effective leader.

    Let’s get started!

  • NASA Shutdown: Is NASA Really Stable and Secure?

    Today you’re going to understand exactly how the NASA shutdown affects government employees and contractors.

    Specifically I’ll show you what it means to be exempted, excepted, and furloughed.

    So if you are looking to pursue a long-term career at NASA, you’ll definitely need to read this.

    Let’s dive right in.

  • ScD Ajay Koshti — Non-Destructive Evaluation

    Aida Yoguely interviewing NDE Engineer at NASA Johnson Space Center (JSC)

    Today you’re going to learn what it is like to work at NASA as a mechanical engineer in the NDE field.

    Specifically I’ll share with you an exclusive interview with the lead non-destructive evaluation (NDE) engineer at the NASA Johnson Space Center.

    So if you are wondering where a degree in Mechanical engineering can take you, you’ll love this interview.

    Let’s get started!

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